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Feature Request Idea  CCbill Website Photos

Submitted by: Mr.P ()

Hello, I mentioned this perhaps a decade ago, but in these times of dramatic social change, this is an issue that I think is a priority and long overdue.
In the Western world of business, diversity and equal representation is now being finally featured. Business is not an exclusive domain anymore. CCbill's website photos is a show that it is FAR FAR behind what most other companies are doing; showing and embracing diversity - not just because it's proper and decent, but it respects the fact that consumers and merchants are made up of a large number of diverse backgrounds - women, minorities, disabled, etc.
My request is for your website 'people photos' to fully represent diversity; the way most companies are understanding is NORMAL now. Seeing only 'caucasians in smart suits' as models in your website photos will only cast your company as favouring prejudice and the old exclusive ways of doing business; it becomes a very noticed infamous reputation, which then may hurt your sales and business ventures. People do notice these things that your website design teams may be casually disregarding.


Feature Request Idea  Dashboard area deficiencies

Submitted by: Mr.P ()

Hello, I'm happy to be a long time ccbill partner. But there are flaws in the API that needs priority attention.
1) The HELP link in the upper right corner on the dashboard page is not working.
2) The Navigation links bar on the dashboard should have a new link-title added called 'Recent News'; on such section, you should have links to all the latest ccbill news events of the past 6-12 months, as it looks professional and keeps merchants well-informed, and with a fast to access reference point.
3) A huge blunder in recent times has been the lack of any easy-to-post ALERTS referring to major ongoing issues. These should have been immediately and continuously 'sticky-posted' in the dashboard front page. This not only is professional, but it would show ccbill teams are being proficient and on top of the urgent matters - furthermore, it is efficient; it would save you getting repetitive support inquiries related to finding out about the issues, Specifically, a) you should have been posted updated news regarding the dashboard recent activity graph being offline for weeks in a row, twice in the past 6 months. You should have/should be posting updates on the 'British Pounds over-payment' customer sales issue, which seems to be still ongoing after several months - despite support's promises to provide updates on that issue..... as of now, I'm still unclear of what causes that problem, and how it affects customers who made the overpayment sales.
4) It's depressing seeing the blood-red line in the sales activity graph in the dashboard, permeate an entire month of normally green and blue lines. Can you change that function to show ONLY the days of the chargeback/refunds as red dots on the date of such, rather than the red line spanning an entire month in the month-view and week-view graph chart modes.



Feature Request Idea  Providing a cryptocurrency payment option (like PayPal)

Submitted by: Michael ()

CCBill should be leading in the move to allow payments to be made online with the use of Bitcoin and Eth/Ethereum. If PayPal is allowing crypto payments and Visa is working on cryptocurrency projects, it is odd that CCBill has announced nothing in this area.

As a merchant, I would absolutely LOVE to be offering the option for members to pay me through a number of cryptocurrency options.

Again, if PayPal is doing it, I don't understand why CCBill isn't ahead of the curve here. Please post information on your site about your company position with regards to this option (and how soon you will be implementing it).

If you have currency experts on staff, someone there should be explaining that it isn't a question of if you will be accepting cryptocurrencies, it is only a question of when.

Please implement this option within Flexforms as soon as possible.


Feature Request Idea  Referral commission reporting

Submitted by: Beven ()

1) On the Referred Affiliate table, adding an extra column for referral commissions earned. We can currently see every referred affiliate and when they make a sale — whether it was a trial, single, recurring, or rebill, in addition to refunds and chargebacks. Seems like way more info than we actually need while simultaneously omitting the single most bit of info that would be most helpful.


2) On the Program Details popup, including the WM referral commission structure, as set up on your end - because it is a pertinent detail of the program after all.


Feature Request Idea  Requesting for integrating ccbill in my website

Submitted by: devteam2 ()

Hi .im developing the dating website .im in a need to integrate ccbill payment gateway ..the website was developed under php framework (CodeIgniter).Could you please send or give instructions regarding integration of ccbill in sandbox mode.


Feature Request Idea  Geographical Location Pricing

Submitted by: Al Ron ()

It would be grand to have a feature to charge differently according to their local currency or location since different countries have different income abilities.